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Assuring expansion and productivity

Do you wish to have an easier time communicating with your colleagues? Discuss concepts and workflow? Are you in charge of multidimensional projects? Using the Bitrix24 service, all of this may be accomplished with relative simplicity!

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive business management and collaboration platform that offers a wide range of tools and features to help businesses streamline their daily activities

It is a cloud-based collaboration platform that includes tools for communication, project management, CRM, and HR management. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and offers a range of features such as task management, document storage, and team calendars. Bitrix24 is a popular choice for companies that want an all-in-one solution for managing their day-to-day operations.

Digital Change

As you experience increasing success, you come to understand that initiating a company is relatively uncomplicated, yet sustaining its progress can pose challenges. It is crucial for your business to have a well-functioning system and the necessary resources to ensure smooth operations during growth, while also attracting new clients and recruiting employees.

Seeders has chosen Bitrix24 as its preferred platform because it streamlines the development of internal processes and facilitates strong customer connections. By utilizing Bitrix24, you can efficiently oversee your business’s workforce, projects, clientele, and marketing endeavors, all within a single convenient location. This empowers you with comprehensive control over various aspects of your business operations.

Enhance Customer Relations (CRM)

Is your business suffering from ineffective communication, slow response times, and missed opportunities? The negative impact of dissatisfied customers can be detrimental. Our CRM solution reimagines your business with customer-centricity as the core principle, allowing you to grow and excel. Boost operational efficiency, drive more sales, foster interactive customer engagement, and stay updated on their evolving needs. Access to:

  • Customer Support Hub & Comprehensive Sales Reports and Optimization
  • CRM-integrated Invoicing & Efficient Tracking of Business Opportunities and Online Forms
  • Seamless Multichannel Communication & Streamlined Marketing Automation

Efficient Digital Asset Management

Effortlessly store and manage your digital files within the advanced document management system of Bitrix24.

Deliver presentations, share documents, videos, and various files, enabling seamless downloading, collaborative work, or private usage. The internal search feature ensures swift access to any document you need, enhancing productivity and streamlining your workflow.

Methods for Analyzing Data

Measuring, collaboration, and automated procedure optimisation.

With the aid of Bitrix24 in marketing related challenges, your business will increase the efficiency of advertising activities, conversion rates, customer service, and automation.

  • Lead Generation

  • Management and Marketing Automation 
  • Dedicated Customer Service Hub
  • Customer centered Sales Analysis

  • Collaborative environment

Effective project management

Are you trying to get your long-term goals in line with the current mayhem?

If you want to increase effectiveness, productivity, the smooth completion of tasks, and the elimination of unnecessary efforts, Bitrix24 ensures that all of your areas are covered.

Support Packages

We understand that implementing a CRM system or a business management platform can be a difficult and lengthy procedure.

  • We assist in determining what you and your company require.
  • A plan of action is formulated and developed.
  • We provide coaching and mentoring for your team.
  • We aid with planning for future expansion

It's important to get off to a good start with Bitrix CRM by laying a solid groundwork. Bitrix24's professionals will show you the ropes when it comes to configuring and updating your CRM to meet your specific needs.

Contains training & support for your team on account configuration, automation, permissions, and dashboard usage.
One Off
  • Account settings
  • Customization, Automations, Permissions, Dashboard:
  • Sessions for training & support of your staff

Bitrix24 provides you with access to a personal specialist you can talk to directly. You can get in touch with them via the portal, the phone, email, or a messaging service, and they will work with you to determine what your firm requires.

Helping you discover what your company requires and implementing it.
  • We help you identify your business needs.

Monthly or one-off payment?

Tailored cost policy to your needs.

You can pick from a variety of Bitrix24 plans to find one that fits your budget. Cloud packages are subscription-based, while On-premise packages require only a one-time payment.

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