About Us

Seeders is an Athens-based company that focuses primarily on software development and business entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to help innovators
convert their ideas into successful businesses!

Our target group is experienced professionals with ideas that are industry-disrupting but they lack the technological and marketing skills to develop and market a product based on their own original idea.

We have strong ties with the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Greece, Europe, and the US and have been involved in numerous projects as developers, consultants, or service providers.

We are a company that has spun out of years of experience in the tech and startup sectors. Its founders are people with strong technological and business background in the international scene.

Our founding members have been strongly engaged with the technology startup ecosystem in Greece and have been part of the founding team of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Greece, one of the leading accelerator programs in Greece with strong ties to the US startup ecosystem.

The involvement with the global tech startup ecosystem has also strongly affected our business plans, vision, and development.We are interested in professionals with deep industry knowledge and years of experience that have great disruptive ideas but lack the experience and resources of converting ideas to businesses.


Our services range from forming tech teams to develop the solution, marketing, and communicating the new business (either at the early stage to attract stakeholders or later to gain traction with clients and involve investors) and supporting the day to day operations until the startup is in a position to become self-sufficient and source all the required resources inhouse.

We often invest in our client’s startups and become partners with limited equity positions.

Ηaving experience by working with almost 100 startups, we have adjusted our services in such a way that allows them to get the benefit of both a well-formed and highly tuned tech and marketing team as well as use them on demand based on the phase of development and budget availability that the startup is at each stage. For this reason, Seeders has been steadily building a series of individual services, marketed under different distinct brands and which all are part of the plan to provide the tools for an idea owner to convert their idea to a successful business.

The services/brands we run are:

Sylipsis.com – A Boston-based Software development company focusing on Web and Mobile development. With a very strong business and multidisciplinary engineering background, our strength comes from our ability to provide Solution Architect, Tech Team forming and Project Management services that will help deliver on time and on budget.

With thousands of hrs of project management and hundreds of thousands of lines of code produced, we are able to form teams on-demand and enforce a development path that will deliver high-quality outcomes under a tight and controlled budget.

DMH.gr – Digital Media House. A one-stop-shop marketing and communication agency with a focus on digital marketing and online business promotion. DMH’s services range from digital marketing campaigns to business presentations through landing pages and full websites, copywriting, and virtual educational sessions (webinars) or virtual conferences (the closer to a digital twin of a real conference).

DMH has a large clientele with high-profile clients from all over the world.

Launchpad.gr – The Launchpad is a coworking space facility of 500 sqm area, expanding into three floors of a modern building, at the Neo Psychiko suburb of Athens.

Our offices at Neo Psychiko are at an ideal place and offer a very beautiful and clean environment, close to cozy bars and restaurants and walking distance from the metro and public transportationLaunchpad facilities are focused on experienced professionals that need a professional facility to host their new business and invite clients without breaking their wallet.

The Launchpad offers private and shared offices, fully-equipped meeting rooms, secretarial services, dining facilities, private parking, outdoor activities area as well as facilities for workshops and small conferences having a dedicated conference space room that can host 30 people.


Our company is in the process of being certified with the ISO 27001 standard.

Being our client  means everything will be taken care of! We provide mentorship and the tools needed to achieve your business goals, from creating your website to hosting your company in our offices, to developing a platform based on your business idea, to marketing your services globally, to assisting you to grow and expand!